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The Planners Registry is a database of planners in various fields of city and regional planning. The registry is managed by the Israel Planners Association, the only professional association in Israel that represents professionals involved in planning. Registration to the Planners Registry is contingent upon membership in the Israel Planners Association and upon payment of its annual member fees.

Membership in the association is granted to those admitted by the Admissions Committee who received the corresponding notification (to view the membership conditions see the Association's Bylaws- Hebrew), and to those who paid their fees regularly (for details, see  Joining the Association- Hebrew). These conditions apply to all services provided by the association, for example, conferences, lectures, magazine, e- newsletter, internet website, Planners Registry, and more.

The Planners Registry has several functions.

A) It is a public document that lists active planners in Israel in various fields, including  specializations. In the future, the association will try to make this registry the official formal list of all planning professionals in the various government ministries and other employers.

B) The Planners Registry is a source of information for the professional and general public. It directly displays the list of planners in Israel, including their specializations, previous experience, positions held, and projects they were previously involved in.

C) The Planners Registry is an effective advertising tool for planners. They can present their experience, include additional important information like their personal website, and present their skills to potential employers.

 D) The Planners Registry is an important source of internal research for the association. It enables analysis of existing planning trends in Israel, the geographical deployment of planners, employment trends, the ratio of salaried employees and self-employed, main educational institutions, specializations, and more.

Planners interested in including or updating their details in the registry should contact

Us at

Note that inclusion in the Planners Registry is contingent upon membership in the association and payment of its dues. Planners who fail to pay their membership fees regularly will be deleted from the registry.